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Rochelle O’Brien – Make Up Artist
Rochelle is one the industry’s best! She has a natural flare for her craft and is an absolute pleasure to be around and work with. Her years of experience really show in her happy brides.  If you’re lucky enough to be able to book her you really won’t be disappointed.
Amy Wilkinson – Make Up Artist
Amy has a gift for creating flawless natural makeup, she is a true artist. I love being around her enthusiasm and passion. She will make you look and feel spectacular.
Caroline Kent – Make Up Artist
Caroline is a super friendly lady, I love being around her and working alongside her. She will create your perfect look with ease. Caroline has a high class talent for what she does. Her flawless finishes and editorial pictures are jaw dropping.
Magda K Photography
Magda as she puts it is never happier than when a camera is in her hand!  We were lucky enough to have Magda as our wedding photographer. She has a talent for spotting those moments and capturing them beautifully.  She’s super friendly and so easy to be around. Have a look at her work and you’ll she how great she really is.
Samantha Hook Photography
Samantha and I have worked together many times over the years, she’s an absolutely fabulous talent! Samantha has created some of my favourite ever bridal shots. I always love being around her, she has an infectious energy. I can’t recommend her enough!
Kathryn Edwards Photography

Kathryn is a super talented lady, I’ve had the pleasure of working with her a few times. Her pictures are always stunning.

She’s a joy to be around and will make feel instantly relaxed.

Andrè Bonsor – Videographer

Andrè may be fresh on the scene but his talents are way beyond his years! His editing skills are amazing. If you want a stunning video to capture your day he is the man to do it!

He has a gentle energy and is a joy to be around. We were lucky enough to have him as our videographer. We must have watched it about 30 times!

Jason Lynch – Videographer

Jason is an amazing videographer, he captures the moments you really want to remember in style. He has all the gadgets and editing skills to leave you with a video you’ll cherish forever.

Nadia Di Tullio Steele – Florist

Nadia is one of my favourite ever florists, every time she arrives with her creations my jaw hits the floor. Her presentation is outstanding! I really really love her work.

Rebecca Cadelle – Florist

Rebecca’s flowers are second to none. I’m always blown away by her bouquets and table displays, she really is next level when it comes to floristry. To top that she’s probably one of the nicest people in this industry.

Glitter Gyals

These gals are glitter queens! You can hire them for your hen party or wedding reception. We had them at our wedding reception and it went down a storm. They bring so much fun and sparkle to your event. Check out Masie and Christina on Instagram or Facebook.

Headcase Headwear

These girls are THE best! Have a browse through their Instagram or Facebook page! If you want an amazing idea for your hen party or any event these are your go to girls. They make unique head wear for festivals and parties. They also make amazing artificial bouquets for weddings. They made mine out of disco balls and I can still love it to bits today.